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Hannahmelodia 2 days ago

Kid's Pasta

The plate is delicious and there is enough to share! The meatballs are huge!

Silvia 3 days ago

Rocka Salad

This is my go-to salad as a vegetarian. The gorgonzola cheese pairs so well with the fuji apple, and gives you a mouthwatering flavor with or without an added protein. I highly suggest you try this salad since it's so filling on its own.

Jananlada 4 days ago

Melitzanosalata Dip

This is the best dip I have ever had! I crave the dip on a regular basis and always make sure it's on our order!

Madrid697 9 days ago


I've been to several "Mediterranean" restaurants but Olive Pit is the absolute best! I especially love the Greek dishes and this place has the best Moussaka. Delicately seasoned eggplant layered with potatoes and a scrumptious meat sauce all topped with a generous bechamel sauce. WOW!!! Portions are enough for two. Other offerings include Pastitsio, Kabobs, Dolmades, Tabouleh, Hummus, delicious salads and so much more. Very busy restaurant and plenty of friendly staff to handle the customers. I highly recommend this place if you love good Mediterranean food.

Madelynliles 19 days ago

Sirloin Steak Wrap

This is one of our fave go tos here! Always so tender and the sides they have to offer are so good. I love getting the rice or even subbing an Avagolemono soup (which is amazing!!). Definitely worth it and the portion is big enough to share or have left overs for next day. Great bang for the buck. But honestly, we have never eaten a bad thing from Olive pit!

W.Leggett 20 days ago

Mediterranean Salad

I love this salad (I usually get it with grilled salmon/sometimes chicken). It has SO MANY delicious treasures in it like the olives, cucumber spears, tomatoes, is full of great items along with the fresh greens and well seasoned dressing. You can make 2 meals out of this dish it is very generous. Everything at Olive Pit is great but the Mediterranean is my favorite

Sharon 24 days ago

Rocka Salad

We love this place! My husband and I come here at least once a week,usually more. My go-to is the Rocka Salad with Lamb Gyro. Yum! But my all-time favorite at this location is the Fishermans Soup that is a special on the menu occasionally. OMG the best!!!

Lauren Williams 28 days ago

Falafel Wrap

All the food here is delicious! Being a vegetarian it's great to have a local place that makes ordering healthy, and fresh food easy. Must try the falafel! Sooo good!

Theash 03 about 1 month ago


The meatballs are enormous and out of this world! Soup was tasty and so was the Cesar salad.

Ccapestro about 1 month ago

Roasted Artichoke Hearts

Roasted artichoke hearts are soooo good! Perfectly cooked, and healthy I think! I also really enjoy the always on special but never on menu "lamb burger."

Tomnunez about 1 month ago

Lamb Chops

Very moist and meaty. There is not the gamey taste that you get with most restaurants Lamb Chop dishes. They are cooked the way lamb chops are suppose to be and you get a healthy portion, (5 lamb chops). They go very well with the Rocka salad and the white rice with sauce. I always look forward to the next time I order them!

Cristine.Childress about 1 month ago

Lamb Gyro Wrap

I order the lamb gyro wrap here regularly. It's soooooo incredibly good! I could eat one of these every day!

Leeadamg20 about 2 months ago

Whole Roasted Chicken

Grilled octopus and roasted chicken is amazing! Just like being in Greece, only wish they had some Ouzo and water to go with it.

Sjuliar93 about 2 months ago

Grilled Saganaki

If you're looking for an incredibly indulgent cheat day snack this is it. Everyone loves cheese let's admit it... but this is so worth the price. I find myself back at Olive Pit Grill again and again just to have one more slice. This cheese is earthy and salty. The oregano and lemon compliment it so well. From a chef take my advice, live life by the slice.

Amandamccaffrey3 about 2 months ago

Falafel Wrap

Olive Pit is the place to go for healthy and delicious Mediterranean cuisine done the right way. My go-to dish is the falafel wrap, which is always fresh and ridiculously tasty. It's got the "flave" I crave!

Luiscastillo100396 about 2 months ago

Mediterranean Salad

Best salad in the world

Jtreskes about 2 months ago

Rare Ahi Tuna

My favorite dish, add roasted artichoke hearts and basmati rice- DONE

Petra about 2 months ago

Chicken Kabob

I haven't found anything on their menu that isn't absolutely delicious! We've enjoyed all the kabobs. The lamb, steak and lamb are all tender and so tasty. My favorite salad is the Mediterranean with added chicken. Big enough to share, but you'll probably won't want to! lol Falafel, great..Hummus, so rich and creamy..last but not least the baklava, grab it when they have it!

Lisacristea 2 months ago

Chicken Kabob

The chicken kabob with grilled veggies and hummus/pita is one of my favorite dishes in all of Brea! Perfectly cooked and always fresh. I've been getting this dish for as long as Olive Pit has been open and have trouble trying other menu items because I enjoy this so much. Truly though, everything I've experienced at Olive Pit has been delicious

Courtney 2 months ago

Caesar Salad

Fresh! Fast! Delish heart warming guilt free food. Made with real love.

Hannahmelodia 2 days ago

Chicken Kabob

I love the chicken kabobs! I get this every time because I love how they season it!

Alice.Raee 3 days ago

Mediterranean Salad

The Mediterranean salad with shrimp is AMAZING! I used to live out of state and when I would come in town this would be my first stop/meal. The roasted artichokes are also an amazing side. Hummus is the best I've ever had.

Rachel.Tanner591 6 days ago

Mediterranean Salad

I have been ordering food for pick up at Olive Pit Grill for the past few years and and I have to say it is the only restaurant where I am consistently pleased with the freshness, taste, and nutrition of the food. The staff is always attentive to detail and the dishes are always prepared with care and the best possible ingredients. My favorite dish is the Mediterranean salad with steak and grilled broccoli. I feel so blessed to live in a neighborhood that is also home to such an amazing family restaurant. Thank you Olive Pit!

Ashleypark1996 10 days ago

Rocka Salad

I absolutely LOVE this dish! Its so carefully made. I appreciate how consistent this dish is, and is buildable with different proteins (my favorites are calamari and salmon) The portions are huge and they even throw in a few pieces of pita bread. Its truly the best!

Jeanne.Back 19 days ago

Rocka Salad

One of my favorite places to eat! This salad is full of flavor and texture. Add the seared ahi for protein. Also love the ahi wrap with grilled veggies.

Leeana27 20 days ago

Chicken Breast

Chicken was nice and juicy and the sauce was phenomenal. Would highly recommend this restaurant!

Beansprout76 27 days ago

Chicken Breast

I had a build your own entree with grilled chicken, basmati rice, garden salad, and pita bread and hummus. It was my first time here and it was amazing. The chicken had a great flavor, the dressing for the salad was delicious, and the pita bread was fresh. I loved everything and will definitely be going back! Thank you Olive Pit!

Theash 03 about 1 month ago

Avgolemono Soup

Great flavors good meatballs

Metta.Cook about 1 month ago

Garden Salad

Everything at the Olive Pit is wonderful. I always order the Village Salad with salmon on top. The dips are all irresistible too!!

A Vazquez702 about 1 month ago

Nicoise Salad


Mitra about 1 month ago

Mediterranean Salad

Can not go wrong with anything you order here! I come here at least once or twice a week on my day off and consistently order the Moschilofero Greek white wine and the gyro medi salad :) Fried zucchini, melitzanosalata, and rocka salad are favorites as well; truly can not go wrong with anything on the menu. Great food, always friendly staff and have gotten most of my friends hooked as well as a result of this.

Bonniebarnettmail about 1 month ago

Mediterranean Salad

The Mediterranean Salad with Salmon is what I've ordered each time I've been in for lunch. It is always so good that I keep going back to it even though I keep telling myself it might be nice to try something else. This salad is always so fresh and flavorful! Sooooo yummy!!!

Cali4mami about 2 months ago

One Whole Roasted Chicken & Three Kabobs

Shawna, Has been great!She helped me by providing me detailed pricing on catering entrees and sides. I am a usual that constantly gets the Steak kabob & chicken kabob with roasted potatoes and Mediterranean salad 🥗 mmmm. What can I say delish!

Mahoney322 about 2 months ago

Caesar Salad

This place is AMAZING!! I'm picky when it comes to Mediterranean food but oh my god!!

Algeriarocks about 2 months ago

Rocka Salad

I've ordered the beef kabob plate with the rocka salad and their potatoes and oh my goodness!! Their potatoes are some of the yummiest I've ever had and their rocka salad is delicious! So glad my coworkers recommended this place!

Sharihart about 2 months ago

Mediterranean Salad

We have enjoyed Olive Pit for many years. Fresh, healthy and always delicious! I have enjoyed everything I have tried, but my favorite is the Mediterranean Salad with grilled chicken! The kids meals are generous portions! Excellent catering as well!

Jtreskes about 2 months ago

Roasted Artichoke Hearts

THE BEST THING IVE EVER HAD!!!! I crave the roasted artichoke hearts!

Alexandra about 2 months ago

Avgolemono Soup

This soup, a classic in Greek cuisine, is outstanding at this location!!!! I have taken many people to introduce them to my favorite cuisine, ( even though , I am not Greek myself), and it has been a hit with everyone! I have not only enjoyed this each time I go but also the Moussaka, Tzatziki and Bougatsa for dessert. The portions are very generous. I love that Greek music is played as well, adding to the feeling that you are truly in a Greek cafe. This is the location of my choice each year to bring my family to celebrate my birthday. Once a year is far from enough and I go often to pick up food or dine-in....Opa!!!!!

Sandiedilsaver 2 months ago

Grilled Salmon Wrap