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Mike 9 days ago

Grilled Vegetables

Grilled artichoke hearts are an excellent addition to a meal. My wife and I always add them to our order!

Stacey 12 days ago

Mediterranean Salad

I always order the same thing about every week. Mediterranean Salad with salmon is just my all time favorite salads. I'm not big on salads but I think it's just the way all the fresh ingredients fuse together. Love the big chunks of tomatoes in basil, olives, large cut cucumbers, and of course the healthy portion of greens. The dressing is thick but not over powering. Salmon is usually cooked nicely with a flavor of pesto. Very fresh, light, and filling.

Erker4 12 days ago

Avgolemono Soup

This soup is great...lemony, chickeny and delicious!

Taraanaliserush 13 days ago

Lamb Gyro Wrap

Lamb Gyro! My favorite in Orange County. Not too greasy nor heavy, a simple sandwich with great flavors!

Clratowsky 15 days ago

Chicken Kabob

moist and cooked just right! Delicious!

Adriannaalehernandez 18 days ago

Sirloin Steak Wrap

I order this every time and it never disappoints. The steak is cooked perfectly and the tzatziki sauce in the wrap is the best thing ever!!

Cmurakami 18 days ago

Seared Rare Tuna Wrap

The seared rare tuna wrap is superb! The Mediterranean flavors combine nicely with the tuna and pair nicely with the potato frites. Try it next time you stop by, you won't be disappointed!

Elyses 21 days ago

Chicken Kabob

So delicious and seasoned perfectly

Madigraine1 22 days ago

Chicken Kabob

I had the chicken Kabob with the Rocka Salad, it was so delicious! The food was fresh and I didn't feel guilty after eating it! The salad was perfectly seasoned to the taste and the chicken was juicy and just right! It had been my first time eating here ever! The next day was leftovers and the chicken tasted even better and was more juicy and delicious then when I got it! I've only dreamed that leftovers would be this good!

Samanthamonet 24 days ago

Rocka Salad

The Steak with the Rocka Salad and Hummus is my favorite dish! I will go out of the way to come and get Olive Pit I love it so much! Everything is amazing, great atmosphere and friendly environment. I recommend this place to everyone!

Jake 25 days ago

Grilled Salmon

Absolutely delicious. Perfectly cooked salmon with a side of potatoes and rice. I would eat here everyday if I could. 5 stars. Great service and staff as well.

Kay 26 days ago

Vegetable & Bean Soup

Great soup and very healthy!

Sarahdvasquez 26 days ago

Rocka Salad

The Rocka Salad might just be my favorite salad. EVER. I get it every time I go along with whatever else I order. It always tastes amazing. Love the quality of food at Olive Pit. And I have always received great service. A forever Olive Pit customer!

Chanelleneal 27 days ago

Mediterranean Salad

This is the best Mediterranean salad around! I always get it with the chicken breast and it comes with some pita bread too. The dressing is light and I love the crunchy cucumber and onions in it too. I

Amosbrown16 28 days ago

Grilled Salmon

When asked where I want to go on Mother's Day that just happened to land on my birthday I chose OLIVE PIT. Even though I could pick a million places I picked the OLIVE PIT. I love the new location and so happy I cannot begin to tell you. The food is excellent and I love the family photos in the hall way. Cheers to you OLIVE PIT. I will see you soon!

Kiddcapriparker about 1 month ago

Grilled Salmon Wrap

This was the best wrap i have ever had ! First time at the Olive Pit and i absolutely loved everything the atmosphere was perfect the service was great and the food was delicious! I have to add the the potatoes with a hint of lemon were definitely a winner in my book.

Leoleikiml about 1 month ago


The Moussaka is my favorite thing in the whole restaurant. The bechamel sauce atop is absolutely the best and its even better when accompanied by the potatoes, ground meat, tomato, and eggplant. It is an ABSOLUTE must try in the restaurant

Mary Ann about 1 month ago

Chicken Kabob

Excellent, very moist

Belle716 about 1 month ago

Garden Salad

I LOVE this salad with the salmon! Salmon is always cooked to perfection. When I get it in the restaurant, I get the dressing listed. When I get it to go, I get balsamic. Either way--both make a DEEEEELICIOUS meal that I crave weekly.

Miaclyatt 11 days ago

Rocka Salad

Rocka with falafel. Delicious. Zucchini appetizer crispy and flavorful.

Dena 12 days ago

Lamb Chops

I tried the lamb chops with roasted artichokes and horta the last time I was there. The lamb chops were amazing- tasty and juicy, well-marinated. The chops had plenty of meat. My new Olive Pit fav~!

Mlrushton88 12 days ago

Mediterranean Salad

This salad was absolutely delicious. The lettuce was fresh and delicate - the dressing was just enough, the Olive's and the cheese added the right amount of saltiness. It was so good! I added shrimp and my friend added chicken and we loved it.

Ksjenc1 14 days ago

Chicken Kabob

The chicken was flavored and cooked perfectly. I loved the Rocha salad!

Avcastanon 17 days ago

Sirloin Steak

SUPER DELICIOUS!! Can always count on Olive Pit for a consistent delicious meal

Kristendomingwallbiz 18 days ago


Love the feta fries!! Super yummy, crispy and delicious!

Heatherpycz 19 days ago


Our family has been going to Olive Pit for years. We just visited their new location on Brea Blvd. and this place just keeps getting better and better. We had the spaghetti with turkey meatballs and it was excellent. So yummy! A must try!

Roi 22 days ago


I was so excited to see you moved close to my office! I moved away from the area and the old location was too far for lunch. I look forward to introducing my coworkers to this delicious choice! I dream about the spicy cheese! I always get the dip trio so I can also get the Olevada and the Hummus as well. You cant go wrong with anything here! So delicious!

Dubwedding 24 days ago

Chicken Breast

Our first trip to the new location in downtown Brea. Very nice location, staff was quick to assist and food was amazing as usual. Not only was the chicken breast delicious, the shrimp skewer had great flavor. Look forward to returning soon!

Araceli 25 days ago

Chicken Kabob

The chicken kabobs were so juicy and flavorful... Everything on my plate was delicious

Jennifernelson0215 26 days ago

Whole Roasted Chicken

So satisfying! The chicken is delicious and savory. We ordered two salads (Caesar and Rocka) and they were a great size, plenty to share.

Kay 26 days ago

Mediterranean Salad

The best salad in town!

Kay 26 days ago

Fillet of Sole

The fish is wonderful! I love it!

Rubysanchez1430 28 days ago


Feta fries are incredible ! Must try! Not greasy and generous amount of feta.

Virginialucas5 about 1 month ago

Chicken Kabob

Amazing food. Service is great and great location.

Bart1994oc about 1 month ago

Crispy Calamari Wrap

Crispy, well cooked, loved the side will return

Jacquelyn.Gavaldon about 1 month ago

Chicken Breast

I absolutely LOVE Olive Pit! I have been going to this restaurant since I have been in high school and the quality of food has never changed, if anything it just keeps getting better! The food is always so fresh and hot, it NEVER disappoints! I highly recommend to all my friends, family and whoever ends up reading this. :)

Mary Ann about 1 month ago

Dandelion Greens "Horta"

This is excellent horta! Very good for you goo


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